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My blog posts

  • Creating reverse SSH tunnel on server with 2 factor authentication SSH access

    I have used different guides which I combined together to make a reverse SSH tunnel which works with 2 factor authentication for extra security.

  • Exact copy of Github Pages in a hosted Docker container

    I am planning on making a exact copy of my Github Pages blog (this one) to host the website as a shadow copy in Docker and automating that process for a fresh VM that will open its ports automatically if that is possible.

  • Cryptomator file and folders fix

    TLDR: I’m now using restic for backups to S3-like storage. I will do a blog post in the future about a bash script which backups a complete Nextcloud instance to Backblaze. Cryptomator does not work perfectly when using S3-like storage for small files and can fail pretty often in my experience. This is what fixed most of the issues: https://help.backblaze.com/hc/en-us/articles/217994508-Cyberduck-How-to-install-and-upload-a-file In this link is described what needs to be changed in the Connection Settings to have more successful transfers.

  • Docker adventure

    I had some trouble in setting up Docker images in Kubernetes. I will share the mistakes I made while experimenting and what I learned from it.

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