Bastiaan Mourik

Cloud engineer


Being a cloud engineer @ Solvinity, making solutions for governmental and commercial clients. Researching and creating infrastructure and automating tasks.


Experience from cloud engineer job at Solvinity

Experience from my first internship and job at CYSO:

Experience from parttime job at GILO:

Experience from internship at Logius:


2021 Hogeschool Rotterdam: Minor data engineering

Minor where I learned to work with Microsoft Power BI to get value out of the combination of data in the different functions that I programmed for GILO. This value came from a dashboard that calculated a total score of the process in improving the paper of the student.

2018 - 2022 Inholland Haarlem

A broad degree where I learn different sides of the IT spectrum like designing, networking, SQL databases, making websites and programming. From this broad experience I can make a choice in which IT subject I want to specialize. I learned from the degree that my motivation is not to code for big projects anymore. I want to specialize on scripting and IT automatization and the optimization of business processes with IT.

The most valuable skills I got from the degree is from the minor security where I learned about CVE’s and how to write a security report and how to write secure programming code in C#. In the Cloud minor I learned how to use C# optimally to make use of the Azure I would like to learn more about AWS and Azure techniques as a result but also how to optimize software to work with multiple Cloud environments, that for example code is also compatible with open source cloud software like OpenStack for blob/block storage and FaaS (function as a service) like Qinling.

Machine Languages/software

Human languages


2023 Solvinity, Amersfoort, North-Holland Making cloud infrastructure migration for Solvinity’s governmental and commercial customers possible. Learning about Azure, Terraform, networking in more depth and the ins and outs of the Azure cloud platform (for example possibilities with private endpoints and private links). Architecture for the latest Azure services and modern IT solutions.

2022 Logius, The Hague, South-Holland

Implementing the Kubescape scanner with extra data extraction to get value for the teams in Logius to check their containers and Kubernetes configuration for currently known security issues. I did research about Logius’ policies and researched the similarities in Kubernetes policies and best practices. For the most important checks in best practice policies i made a risk/impact analysis in my thesis.

2021-2022 Restaurant Parck, Haarlem, North-Holland Being a bartender and runner for 6 months.

2021 GILO, Rijswijk, South-Holland

Implementing extra components for the GILO software as part of the minor Data Engineering in Rotterdam. Here I learned about working for a startup and about programming in Python in more depth. I learned to work with the libraries spaCy and NLTK to create functions for the GILO software. These functions consisted of a document classifier and recognizing scholarly definitions, acronyms and abbreviations. I also made functions for detecting consistency issues in text and to clarify hard-to-read sentences.

2020 - 2021 CYSO B.V., Alkmaar, North-Holland

Second job in the summer holidays: Implemented an extra plugin for the support desk software to track the time for each ticket until it was solved. I made some algorithms in ElasticSearch to get value of the time tracking data to track the performance of the service desk operators at CYSO.

2018 Enza zaden, Enkhuizen, North-Holland